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It’s often said that the kitchen is a focal point to any home. This is for good reason. The kitchen is not only where you spend time preparing meals, it’s often an entertaining space for when you have company. At Revive Renovations our kitchen renovation contractors and designers will work closely with you to determine what elements you want to change. From there we will present you with preliminary kitchen renovation ideas to help you achieve the look you want.

From cabinetry to complementary backsplash, paint and kitchen appliances, our team of designers will guide you through each step of the renovation process. If you’re looking to go with a traditional kitchen design, a modern concept or something completely unique, put your trust in Calgary’s best kitchen remodeling company, Revive Renovations.

A simpler and often more cost-effective option for freshening up the look of your kitchen is cabinet refacing otherwise known as cabinet refinishing. We can use your existing cabinetry frame and replace all the doors and handles. A new cover is also added to both inside and outside of the frame to create a new look. Kitchen cabinet refacing, paired with new backsplash and paint, will transform your space without all the disruption that can come with a complete kitchen remodel.

A refresh isn’t always the best or most viable option for every home. Sometimes the point of a kitchen renovation is more than just freshening up the look. It’s also about increasing the functionality with a better layout. In many older homes the cabinetry added then doesn’t work as well today. There’s lots of unused space, especially in corner cabinets. Therefore, it’s always best to talk to a professional when planning any sort of renovation project. Because we do this every day, our designers often have ideas that you haven’t thought of. We can offer advice and input and help you truly get the kitchen of your dreams.

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