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Large format tiles have become a popular product over the past couple years and it’s not hard to see why. With several colours, styles and patterns to choose from you can easily find an unique look for your home.

Large format porcelain tiles can also be used for several applications throughout the renovation process. From kitchen countertops, to showers & fireplaces there are limitless possibilities when it comes to finding ways to install it throughout your home. You can cover your floors wall to wall with large format porcelain tiles, or go wall to ceiling for a sleek, modern look. Large format porcelain tiles can even be used as a part of your landscaping.

Some of the other reasons people love this as an option for their home is because it’s heat & scratch resistant, suitable for heavy traffic, it’s easy to clean and is waterproof and liquid resistant. Large format tile also means less grout lines, creating a cleaner look and one that requires less maintenance. Because porcelain is not porous like natural stone, it’s a more sanitary product that won’t stain.

If you’ve been thinking of having large format porcelain tiles installed, contact our team. We have many slabs in stock that can quickly add a modern touch to any home. Our project managers will discuss the different large format tile options, colours and applications. You may be surprised how many ways we can incorporate large format tile in your home.  Contact us Today!

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