Revive Renovations is a locally owned company dedicated to helping our customers love the home they are in. Summer is finally here, and with that said, it’s also the perfect time for exterior renovations! Usually, during the summertime people gravitate towards building their decks, which in itself is a huge home improvement. But we’re here to tell you that there are plenty of options to consider when coming up with a design for your backyard.

Increase Your Privacy

We all know how difficult it is to achieve privacy in your own backyard. People tend to stay away from spending time in their backyard when they know they can be watched by their neighbours. Wouldn’t it be nice to go outside to BBQ without fear of starting small talk with the neighbours or having those awkward moments brief of eye-contact?

Revive Renovations offers many solutions to this issue with our architectural capabilities. Privacy walls block the view of neighbours. They can be installed either directly on your deck, or elsewhere in the yard. If you would prefer more of a natural looking alternative, we also offer landscaping such as planting trees and bushes, etc.

Add Shade & Storage To Your Space

Maybe you don’t have enough shade in your backyard. Some options we can offer are pergolas and gazebos. These separate and break up the backyard into secluded sections, typically used for seating arrangements. Speaking of seating, Revive can build unique alternatives to lawn chairs such as benches, hammocks, chair swings and more!

We’ve got something for everyone no matter what preference you have for your backyard. Perhaps you need more storage? In that case, you might consider a new tool and utility shed. These can be built to any size that would fit your yard best. Whether you would like more of a closet-type storage, or a walk-in shed, Revive has got you covered!

Calling All Green Thumbs

For all of you who have a green thumb, greenhouses are a great way to add style and functionality. We want to make your yard look as lush as possible. Which is why we offer landscaping to create beautiful flower gardens, and flower boxes for elsewhere in the yard. We also build compost bins. Living walls are trending in popularity among homeowners. They are an amazing way of obtaining that backyard oasis feeling.

Revive Renovations loves animals! If you have pets at home, why not build them something for the backyard as well? We can build doghouses, birdhouses, bird baths and ponds! While we’re on the topic of ponds, we would like to take a moment to talk about water features. Revive can create beautiful ponds, rivers, waterfalls and fountains right into your backyard.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Adds To Backyard Charm

To showcase your retreat, we offer strategically developed lighting packages that will emphasize the charm of your haven. There are more options with lighting than one might consider when designing their backyard. We offer the traditional patio lights, sparkly string lights, environmentally friendly solar lights, and functional sensor lights!

The yard, for many of us, is often used to entertain children and friends. If you’re looking to build features that your children will love, we provide many options. For all the sporty kids out there, we can design basketball courts, swing sets, playgrounds, tire swings, slides, sports nets and more! If you really want to make an impression on your kids, Revive designs tree houses as well!

Built To Last

One of the most important parts of renovations is the types of material that will be used. Every build is built to last. Typically for builds such as decks, gates, and fences, we use cedar wood, or other pressure treated woods to ensure they will be long lasting and look beautiful. Here at Revive, we promise that every build will cater to the taste and style of each individual customer. That’s why we take the time to go over details before starting the build.

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